Race Day: Aircraft line-up

Our anticipated aircraft line-up for Race Day (Sunday 6 October 2019) is as listed below.

All aircraft subject to serviceability and weather conditions on the day.


  • Schleicher ASW 28
  • Slingsby Petrel
  • ETPS Olympia
  • Cessna 180
  • Scottish Aviation Bulldog
  • Spartan Executive
  • Ballerina
  • Cassutt Kermit
  • Cassutt G-BPVO
  • Rollason Beta
  • Mustang ‘Contrary Mary’
  • Falcon
  • de Havilland DH 80A Puss Moth
  • Hawker Cygnet
  • Aeronca
  • Comper Swift
  • Chilton D.W.1
  • Chilton D.W.1
  • Albatros
  • Aviat Husky
  • Cessna 172R
  • Percival Mew Gull KL
  • Miles Gemini static
  • Cessna 182R static
  • Chilton D.W.1 static
  • Miles Falcon

Old Warden based

  • Mock Air Race: Blackburn B2, DH60X Hermes Moth, Miles Magister, Southern Martlet, DHC-1 Chipmunk
  • Nod to Reno: Sea Hurricane
  • Mac Robertson: DH88 Comet, Desoutter, Miles Magister
  • Lympne Trials: Hawker Cygnet, ANEC, English Electric Wren
  • Comper: Comper Swift
  • WWI Racers: Sopwith Camel, Bristol M1C, SE5a replica, Sopwith Dove
  • Schneider Trophy Tribute: Spitfire AR501
  • Famous Racers: Mew Gull, DH88 Comet, Miles Hawk Speed Six
  • The Wars of the Roses: Avro 504K, Blackburn
  • Edwardians (Weather permitting): Bleriot, Bristol Boxkite, Deperdussin, Avro Triplane

Aircraft to be added as and when full display line-up is confirmed.