Season Premiere: Aircraft line-up

Our anticipated displaying aircraft line-up for the Season Premiere (Sunday 5 May 2019) is as listed below.

All aircraft subject to serviceability and weather conditions on the day.


  • Westland Lysander (ARC)
  • Catalina
  • Dakota
  • Bronco
  • Huey
  • Cessna Bird Dog x 2
  • Piper L-4J Grasshopper
  • Bell 47 (G-MASH) – static

Copyright George Romain

[IMAGES: DC3, copyright Darren Harbar Photography, and ARC Lysander image copyright George Romain]


  • WW2: Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane (G-HITT), Sea Hurricane 1b
  • Biplane Trainers: DH82a Tiger Moth, Blackburn B2
  • Silver Wings: Gloster Gladiator
  • Gentleman’s Aerial Carriages: Southern Martlet, Desoutter, DH51 ‘Miss Kenya’
  • Monoplane Trainers: Piston Provost, DH Chipmunk
  • WWI: Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Triplane, Avro 504K, Bristol M1C
  • Twin engine: Dragon Rapide
  • Flying carrots: Westland Lysander (with visiting Lysander)
  • Glider: Eon Primary Glider
  • Edwardians: Blériot, Deperdussin, Blackburn Monoplane, Bristol Boxkite, Avro Triplane*

*Conditions must be optimal in order for Edwardian aircraft to fly. All aircraft subject to serviceability and weather.