Season Premiere: Entertainment

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There’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained at our Season Premiere 2019 airshow. Download our Season Premiere map.

Shuttleworth Discovery Zone 1 (VC Car Park)

  • Eon Primary (Shuttleworth Glider team)
  • BGA gliding simulator (UK Youth Gliding)
  • Junior Glider (UK Youth Gliding)
  • Agricultural Heritage (Shuttleworth Collection)

Shuttleworth Discovery Zone 2A (Hangar 1)

  • VR Kit (WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust)
  • Rebuilding Grandad’s Aircraft (Bristol Scout)
  • Wind Tunnel with aerofoil making (Time & Space Learning)
  • Chuck glider & Stomp Rocket (YES)

Shuttleworth Discovery Zone 2B (Hangar 2)

  • Make & Paint (IPMS Brampton & Airfix)
  • FAI Aviation art competition (LAA)
  • BBMF PR team

Shuttleworth Discovery Zone 3 (opp Hangar 2)

  • SOE Display ‘Spies’ (Military Intelligence Museum)
  • STEM activity ‘How radar works’ (Shuttleworth Learning team)
  • STEM activity ‘Chain Home’ (Bentley Priory Museum)
  • STEM activity ‘Hurricane build’ (Sci-Hi Education)
  • Tomahawk Flight Sim (Joystick Club)

Shuttleworth Discovery Zone 4 (Hangar 4)

  • Centaurus engine demonstration (SVAS)
  • Pedal Planes (Joystick Club)
  • Code Breaking challenge (Cyber Crime)
  • Roger Blightly & Betsy Blue Biplane Bicycle


Shuttleworth Discovery Zone 5 (Paddock 1 – roundel)

  • Airfield Defence interactive (Shuttleworth Bofors Gun Team)
  • RFC Camp re-enactment (Great War Society)

Shuttleworth Discovery Zone 6 (Paddock 1 – next to First Aid Hut)

  • Large scale R/C Model Display (OWMAC)

Shuttleworth Discovery Zone 7 (Swiss Garden)

  • Pebble painting (Shuttleworth Learning team)


  • Vintage bus rides
  • Traders
  • Pilot Chat: Lysander
  • Live Music from Bedford Town Band
  • Veteran & Vintage vehicle parade
  • Swiss Garden tour at 12.00
  • Explore The House 10.00-14.00
  • Flight line tours, running every 15 minutes from 10.00-11.00 (£10)

  • Event Commentators – Tim Callaway

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