There is not much to see now, but the unassuming low brick wall marks the area that once housed a large and ornate aviary. Almost rivaling the Swiss Cottage in scale, it was home to exotic feathered fowl and was an important focal point within numerous views.

By day, the beautiful birds and the view towards the Swiss Cottage wowed visitors; by night they may have been treated to the spectacle of the Aviary being lit up with myriad coloured, stained glass lanterns.

Apart from a few tantalising fragments of ornate ironwork, masonry and stained glass, and one distant, fuzzy archive photograph, we know very little about how the Aviary looked or what kinds of birds lived in it.

What is clear is that the Aviary lies on the main East-West axis of the Garden and it was intended as an important focal point for views looking from and back out towards the Swiss Cottage.

We would love to find out more about this mysterious structure.





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