Swiss Garden Fairies

Designed and created by Julia Sanderson-Pope.

Ten fairies live in the Swiss Garden, and they’ve made their outfits from some of the plants and trees because they love nature.


Oak’s jaunty cap and sturdy belt are made from acorns. He has a tunic of spring green and wings of earthy brown autumn leaves.









Rose has pink hair, a shirt covered in flowers and green leafy trousers. His wings are green and pink too, while his wrists and ankles are all wound around with blossoms.


Acer has a green and red tunic to match the seasonal colours of his tree’s leaves. His belt is made out of a string of seed pods.


Toadstool’s wings are frilly and white as fungi stalks while her leggings are the dark brown of the soil and bark where they grow. Her hat is a vivid red with white spots.


Rhododendron’s dress is all pinks and pale purples and she has matching flowers woven into her ponytail. Her wings are glossy dark green.


Daffodil’s skirt and wings are both bright yellow, the bodice of her dress is leaf green and she has tiny golden Narcissi all around the neckline.


Holly is wearing green and yellow with lots and lots of spikes – just like her namesake! She has skeins of bright red berries hung around her neck, wrists and waist.


Cedar’s shirt is woven from flat, scale-like evergreen needles. He has made his belt, trousers and sash out of his own cones. His strong wings are bark and can carry him all the way up to the top of his enormous tree.


Ivy wears a crown of leaves and tendrils twine around his arms and legs. All his leaves are rounded rather than pointed as he is a mature fairy and Ivy leaves change their shape as the plant ages!


Snowdrop has a green cape and wings. Her dress is white as frost with delicate green patterns on the front and her belt and crown are made of slim, pointed Galanthus leaves.