The Vehicle Collection

Can they and do they still drive?

Richard Shuttleworth wanted every exhibit he collected to be restored to a condition where it was working as intended, and that’s an ethos that is carried through to the present day. Some of the exhibits were his own collection, and others have found their place here.

The veteran vehicles of all shapes and sizes are capable of being driven and ridden, and take part in parades at many of our main events, some can even be seen participating at other venues like Brooklands or in the historic London to Brighton Run!

All of these vehicles have living histories and stories that Shuttleworth is safeguarding for the future. So when you look around at these vehicles today, it’s because of skilled and passionate engineers, volunteers, drivers, and riders they will all continue to drive and be ridden for future generations.

The vehicle collection includes three vintage buses (on which visitors can ride free at many events throughout the year, and one which is available for wedding hire).

The Shuttleworth Collection where #everythingfliesanddrives

London to Brighton

Richard also enjoyed entering the London to Brighton run, and whenever possible The Collection enters a car he himself took on the route. In 2017 it was the 1903 De Dietrich. Below is a video of the 2016 irun with vthe 1901 Arrol-Johnston. 2018 is the 90th anniversay since the Panhard Levassor joined The Collection and ran London to Brighton so it has been chosen as this year’s entry.

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