Volunteers are defined as as someone who, without any expectation of financial compensation beyond reimbursement of agreed expenses, willingly gives their time, skills and/or experience to perform a task at the request of and on behalf of another. At Shuttleworth, we know our volunteers are an essential resource to all areas of operation, providing worthwhile support for our charitable objectives.

We value our volunteers. and aim to offer an environment in which volunteers can use and develop their talents.

As an overview of volunteering here at Shuttleworth, these are some of the roles that can be open to volunteers, including:

  • Events: Car Parking, Gate Team, Programme Sales, Re-enactors
  • The Collection: Maintenance (cleaning, painting, etc..), Vehicle & Bus Section, Ground Crew (aircraft), Heritage team (Steam & agriculture), Hangar Stewards, Tour guides (Collection & Airshow Flight Line), STEM and Craft Activities (Education)
  • The Swiss Garden: Gardener, Events Support (meet & greet), Craft Activities, Tour guides
  • The House: Room Stewards, Tour Guides, Archivists
  • Education: Learning volunteers
  • Marketing: Photographer, videographer, digitiser, Librarians & archivists, Marketing admin, Market Research
  • Site: Admin

Volunteers are welcome, where possible, to undertake more than one role. Click the links above for more detailed descriptions of some of these roles.

Supporting volunteer organisations

We also have supporting volunteer organisations, including the Shuttleworth Veteran Aircraft Association (SVAS), The Friends of Swiss Garden (FoSG), and The Airfield Voluntary Fire Service (AVFS).

Contact us

Get in touch in the first instance with Ashleigh Catalina, email: volunteering@shuttleworth.org