Shuttleworth Discovery app

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Shuttleworth Discovery app on the Apple iTunes store.

What is it?

Shuttleworth Discovery is our new Augmented Reality app. It uses ordinary banners and boards as ‘targets’ that trigger the app content. This content is a mixture of video, animated characters, and three-dimensional models.

How do I get it?

Download the app from the app store for your particular device (either Android or Apple) prior to coming to Shuttleworth.

Which aircraft does the app work with?

Currently, Shuttleworth Discovery works with four aircraft from different eras, and which were designed for specific roles. These aircraft are:

  • Bleriot: One of the earliest aircraft ever built
  • RAF SE5a: WWI fighter aircraft
  • DH88 Comet: 1934 England to Australia race winner
  • Hawker Sea Hurricane 1b: WW2 fighter aircraft

How do I get the app to work?

Next to each of the four aircraft is a banner stand and two target boards. Open the app, then hold your device with the camera facing one of these three targets, and the subject will come to life.


There are three targets:

  • Banner stand
  • A2 target board
  • A3 target board

What can I expect?

Aim your device at the banner stand to listen to the period dressed pilot explain what it is like to fly the aircraft, and watch a video of it in the air.

Aim your device at each target board to find out how particular aspects of flight work. For instance:

  • Wing Warping and Rudder control on the Blériot
  • Ailerons and Machinegun Interrupter on the RAF SE5a
  • Elevators and Retractable Undercarriage on the DH88 Comet
  • Aircraft Carrier Operations and Lift on the Hawker Sea Hurricane

Tilt your device to see different angles and listen to these aspects of flight explained. You’ll even see inside the cockpit as the pilot moves the controls.

Example Targets

bleriot_ar  comet_ar

hurricane_ar  sea5_ar

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Your experience

Your feedback about your experience Shuttleworth Discovery is very welcome. Please email