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Top 10 things to do in this October Half Term at Shuttleworth

20 October 2020

Top 10 things to do this October half term at Shuttleworth!

1. Spot the enchanted fairies in the Swiss Garden – Ten fairies live in the Swiss Garden, and they are playing hide and seek from our visitors. Can you find them all? They’ve made their outfits from some of the plants and trees!

2. Leaf collecting – when you find fallen leaves that are simply too pretty to ignore, collect them up, and memorialise them forever with a crayon rubbings. Make colourful crayon rubbings of different kinds of leaves to come up with a beautiful nature-inspired picture. Or grab a bunch of leaves and create a pretty pattern on the ground!

3. Find the Shuttleworth peacocks – explore the pretty seasonal colours of the Swiss Garden and look out for our two delightful resident peacocks; Snowy and Storm.

4. As we commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the end of the Battle of Britain, join our Discovery Team and get up close to our Spitfire and Hurricane. Help construct a giant STIXX Radar tower before undertaking a Chain Home Target Detection & Plotting challenge

5. Have a picnic on the grass area in front of the hangars and you may just see aircraft take off and land!

6. Bark rubbing – Deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter. This makes it harder to identify them. Imagine you are an animal in winter, how would you recognise your tree home? The bark! Use this STEM investigation to study the difference in tree bark.

7. Join our Bofors Team – Can you recognise enemy aircraft? Can you bring our mighty Bofors anti-aircraft gun to bear on a moving target? And, most importantly, can you keep it supplied with the 15 tonnes of ammunition it can use in an hour?

8. Find some Fungi – Are you mad about mushrooms? Fascinated by fungi? There are plenty of interesting specimens for you to spot in and around the Swiss Garden!

9. Family Detective Trail – Download the Swiss Garden app and put your mini Sherlocks to the test with the family-friendly Swiss Garden Detective Trail. Includes lots of things to spot and a fun quiz to test their knowledge.

10. Run up to the top of the hill in Old Warden Park and be master of all you survey with beautiful views from Shuttleworth House to the Serpentine Lake